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UPDATE from Cryoraptor
« on: July 15, 2017, 05:49:36 PM »
Hi everybody.

As you might of noticed I haven't been on the server very much.  This is because I'm working overtime.  So I'm here to let all of you know I'm just very busy, not that I don't care.  Because of this I'll be on typically Friday and/or Saturday.  As of now I have Saturday, and Monday off.  This may change however.  I may have to take Friday and Saturday off because they need help on Monday.  It would make me happier if people would play on the server more.  If there is a reason you aren't playing on the server please let me know and I'll see what I can do.  Because of my limited time I have to spend it doing more important things, like level design and 3D modeling.  Part of the reason I didn't want to come on was because TTT is kind of boring for me.  However, I have a solution.  I was thinking that I would change the gamemode every week or so.  I was thinking this week coming up or the week after since this is short notice would be prop hunt.  I'm not sure if this would create issues with the setup on the server.  I may have to remove addons for the week we play a gamemode.  I'd also consider turning this server into a mini game server to play with the Minigame gamemode.  Another nice thing could be having a vote to switch the gamemode from time to time to sandbox or something else.  If you guys have any ideas please keep me informed.

Since I'm working so much it will be harder for me to finish things so I will either try to make simpler things or just try to budget my time better.  I've been getting better at this but its not easy.  All I ask is you guys make me feel like its worthwhile maintaining/playing on this server and/or if there is anything I can do to get you guys to play on it more frequently.

Since I have less time I may consider compressing projects into each other.  I've talked about phys_city alot but I'm currently working on ambersands.  So since Ambersands is better designed and partitioned off in volumes (as opposed to one big map with shitty fog to prevent source from dying) I could make each tower have destroyable  pieces within itself.  Once I am closer to a more complete version of each tower I could make the pieces contained within into individual brushes that will fall apart if someone blows up one of them.  There are issues with doing this but it could be done.  One issue is the lightmaps won't update.  If you see light on part of the brush that shouldn't have light on it, that's because source makes static lightmaps on faces.  This can be fixed by having the pieces break when they have sit idle long enough or just break when they fall down so you don't have time to develop eye cancer.