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TTT Master Post
« on: February 15, 2016, 05:56:03 PM »
(omfg i actually went back to grab this again)
TTT Master post

Beginner's guide to Trouble in Terrorist Town!
If you already know how to play TTT (or atleast the basics), please read the rules.

Alrighty so if you're reading this you probably know nothing about TTT, saw videos of TTT on youtube, or were redirected here by one of the RaptorTTT Staff. The purpose of this guide is to teach the basics of TTT and give some decent tips while you are playing.

Trouble in Terrorist Town(TTT) is basically just a more complicated game of Mafia. An extremely simplified version would be: The Traitors(Mafia) kill the Innocents(Townspeople) and are killed by the Detective(Cop). Though keep in mind that the Detective can choose the wrong person and kill an innocent by accident, and the innocents are also able to kill the traitor.

The Teams and The Objectives
TTT has 3 different roles divided into 2 different teams.:
These two roles are to work together as a team to survive. You will not know who is your enemy... and you will not know who is your teammate.
  • INNOCENT (Inno) - If you are an innocent, your task is to survive the round, kill any Traitors you encounter, and avoid killing your fellow Innocent/Detective Buddies. The innocents do not have any special tools.
  • DETECTIVE (D) - If you are a Detective, your task is to survive the round, kill any Traitors you encounter, and avoid killing your fellow Innocent/Detective Buddies.
  • [indent] Detectives spawn with a DNA Scanner which can be used to grab DNA from bodies, guns, props, doors, and some other things (more on this later). Detectives also come with the ability to purchase items from the credit shop. (Default key is "c" to open the credit shop)[/indent]

This team is what you would call the antagonist of the game. These people are to work together to murder all the innocents/detectives. You will know your allies and your enemies.
  • TRAITOR (T) - If you are a traitor, you are to team up with your traitor buddies to kill any and all innocents/detectives in the game...while avoiding being killed yourself.
  • [indent]Traitors don't spawn with anything, but they do have access to a credit shop just like the detectives that will give them access to tools to help them murder the innocents/detectives.(Default key is "c" to open the credit shop)[/indent]

Karma and Random Death Matching
Karma is a meter on how much you deal damage to your own teammates. A low karma means you have a high rate of killing your own teammates, which will penalize the amount of damage you deal in game. It would be wise to aim for a karma >1000. Also be advised that most servers have a low karma threshold which will result in a ban if you go drop below it. Karma also regenerates given that you do not do anything to lower it.

Random Death Matching(RDM) is when you intentionally decide to deal damage to a player without a good cause/excuse. This can also include causing someone else to kill another without a good cause/excuse via calling a false KOS(kill on sight) or causing a RDM chain. This can lead to a lower karma, bad reputation with the server, and disciplinary action from staff. There are some exceptions to this which can be seen in the server  rules

Just because your Karma lowered doesn't necessarily mean you RDM'd someone, and just because you have a good Karma doesn't mean you are not guilty of RDM. It is YOUR responsibility to make the right judgement on whether or not to deal damage to another player.

Suspicion is a way of saying that's there's a possibility of a person being a traitor. THIS DOES NOT MEAN EVERYONE SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY KILL THIS PERSON. This just means that a person may or may not have done something traitorous, and that they should be watched in case they decide to open fire on a player. Note that suspicion may lead to death in overtime.


The official way of calling someone out as a traitor is by calling a KOS. This can either be "________ is a Traitor!" or "KOS ________", though any other way saying a person is a traitor is considered a KOS. Whoever is calls a KOS on a person is RESPONSIBLE if that person is killed. It is considered RDM to call a false KOS if you are not a T. You do not have to always follow a KOS, however if you do not you may be marked for suspicion.

So basically this how the Detectives pull some CSI shit and get proof on who is the traitor and who is not. DNA can be retrieved from dead bodies, dropped guns, C4...anything that a player can pick up or hold. DNA can be considered one of the greatest tool in the game as it can be used to prove innocence, guiltiness, and whether a killing was RDM or not. Make sure you are grabbing the DNA from the intended body and for the right reasons, as neglecting to do so may result in RDM.


T shoots Inno; Inno shoots T; D Shoots T.
USUALLY not okay.
T shoots T; Inno Shoots Inno; Inno shoots D.


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Re: TTT Master Post
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Tips and Tricks
The number one tip is that you should know how to have fun.
This should be an active list, if you feel as if something should be added to this list, just message me via forums or steam and I will credit you.

  • Don't die.
  • Always use your best judgement when deciding to shoot that fucker in the face.
  • Although it may be fun to kill pre round with an orange fury, you might want to save it  just in case. Keep this in mind regardless if you become a T, D, or Inno.

  • Although some people frown upon it, innocents are allowed to camp. This can be extremely useful when dealing with cloaked players if you do it right.
  • Always have an escape plan in case someone decides to jihad or bullets start flying everywhere. Don't get yourself stuck with no exit.
  • Did that person kill an inno? Although you have the complete right to shoot them, always use common sense and have context.
  • It is recommended that you do not hold T weps out, even if you are proven. Some people might not have heard.

  • Banazor goes through walls
  • Take full advantage of your DNA Scanner. You can grab DNA off good list of things that should be able to point you towards a traitor, such as Melonizer Melons.
  • Traitor in the T room? Light it up with a banazor.
  • Keep in mind that you are allowed to KOS anyone who does not follow your command. Unless of course it's another detective.
  • Don't use the banazor as a toy.
  • Although it may not be the best gun, the UMP Prototype can be extremely good at keeping your targets from hitting you.
  • Always set a teleporter to a safe place.
  • Stay close to groups of people, but always be ready to run in case of jihad.
  • The portable medkit can double as a tester.
  • Binoculars and visualizers are particular useful on maps like rooftops, where people fall or get sniped.

  • The melonizer goes through walls if you get close enough.
  • Set multiple C4 and time them apart, you'd be surprise how many people don't expect a second or third one.
  • Start a defib chain as soon as you can.
  • Always use a cloaker with a disguiser.
  • If you're getting attacked by props, it's probably time to use a cloaker.
  • The poltergeist/fluff projector can be extremely deadly in tight spaces. Ex. 67th way tester.
  • DownyDownBomb(Jihad) is better used to lower the number of innos/D's instead of a last resort.


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Re: TTT Master Post
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2016, 05:56:37 PM »
Useful Console Commands

Basically these are commands you can use to help you make life easier for ttt.
The main command you should know is
bind <key goes here> "<Command1>;<Command2>;<etc>"
...of course you should remove the symbols. This command lets you bind commands to keys on your keyboard except for the ones already reserved.
  • say <What you want to say> - This pretty much as the same as typing something in chat, except this command can be binded to a key.
  • kill - This is the basic suicide just kills you.
  • ULX commands - Type ulx and a space in console and TAB through to see what commands are available for your rank.
  • ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_<weapon> - This orders equipment without having to open the T shop.
  • ttt_quickslot <slot #> - automatically switches to the weapon in that slot.
  • ttt_radio - Opens up the Radio menu
  • [Indent] ttt_radio yes - "Yes"
  • [Indent] ttt_radio no - "No"
  • [Indent] ttt_radio help - "Help!"
  • [Indent] ttt_radio imwith - "I'm with ____"
  • [Indent] ttt_radio see - "I see ____"
  • [Indent] ttt_radio suspect - "____ acts suspicious"
  • [Indent] ttt_radio traitor - "____ is a traitor"
  • [Indent] ttt_radio innocent - "____ is innocent"
  • [indent] ttt_radio check - "Anyone else alive?"[/indent]
  • ttt_toggle_disguise - toggles the disguiser for traitors/detectives
  • damagelog - brings up the damagelogs in a window.

RaptorTTT server specifics
As always: the rules


There will be some items I won't go over, considering they are to only to be learned about from playing the server.
RaptorTTT has some pretty awesome custom/modified weapons, this is a small description of everything you'll see at this server.

General Weapons

The pyropistol - A pistol that shoots rounds that light props/people on fire and do less damage than the pistol.

The Prop Buster - A shotgun that shoots rounds that light props/people on fire and do less damage than the shotgun.

DownyDownGun (HUGE M249) - basically a huge with 200 rounds and a lot more useful than the original.

Raptor Rifle - A rifle with higher ROF and lower damage than the original.


The prop deflector - A version of the Traitor's newton launcher, except with a high ROF.

Portable Medkit - ...A portable medkit.

Golden Gun - A two round deagle that kills a traitor instantly, but kills you if you hit an inno.

Portable Tester - A tester that allows for three tests before it is destroyed.


DownyDownBomb(Jihad) - A suicide bomb that has an insane amount of range, please warn your T buddies before using this.

Fluff Projector(Poltergeist) - A modded Poltergeist with a longer life on the projector and more ammo.

Defib - Revives any person to full health.

Corrupt Defib - Revives a inno/detective into a traitor at half hp.

Cloaking device - You will appear almost invisible.

Fake Tester - Puts out a traitor call when innos test.

SLAM - Tripwires that you can place on walls.
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