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Posted by: Cryoraptor
« on: January 25, 2018, 12:14:43 AM »

Hello again from Cryoraptor.

I've made some changes on the server.  I've replaced the Christmas maps with their original, except pool which has a graphical improved version.  I've added new music, and new backgrounds to the loading screen as well as some text changes.

I also have changes to my work schedule.  I now work four, ten hour shifts instead of five eight hour shifts so I get an extra day off.  I now have three days off!  I just need to manage my time better so I can get things done.  I'm going to try to get a newer version of Ambersands on Saturday.  Just a side note.  I think I may make a "pretty" version and an "ugly" one.  The reason being is because of the limitations of source, the shadows look awful when every object is destroyable because there are too many shadows so they bug out.  The nice version will still have ways to cut down the size of the map as the player count goes down or the timer.  I think I have a way of counting players but I'll have to put the map on the server to test it.  With the current version being destroyable.  Some well placed C4 will ensure the map gets made smaller.  Currently only the trig tower is destroyable and the courtyard.  In order for the pretty version to work, I'm going to lay out the map first and make it static, save it, and split it off into another version to make it destroyable.  I find its easier to make the map destroyable when you've built it already, rather than as you go.  So this next version may not have destroyable towers and will be too big until I make it destroyable.  Everyone gets C4 by the way.

I'm starting 3D modeling this weekend and will find a way to add my simple items I make to the server.

I want to make a "temp" category where I have temporary player models and items that will swap out with new ones to ensure new player models show up from time to time and to prevent having so much content on the server it takes too long to join.  I suggest you guys start posting suggestions

I want map suggestions.  I figure its time we suggest maps to remove and to add.

I would like to start a replacement program.  I'd like to have you guys look at a map you like on the server and find out how I can make it better in the form of a new map I will make.  I was thinking Crummy cradle.  This won't happen until I at least finish ambersands.  I think hexagonal chasm will feel a bit like skyscraper, crummy cradle and ambersands perhaps.  More on that later.

Expect to see a description and some lore behind the planet Rahonavis where ambersands, hexagonal chasm, Titian planes, platform 7b, Scalding Mountains, among other notable locations will be described.  Perhaps they may even become maps someday.  Unlikely but possible.  I've been wanting to write a story.

I think I'm going to come on this Saturday.  I've been away for too long.